About Us

About Us


Meet John Bennett;

he’s the practical solution provider.


Meet Craig Harbron;

he’s the inquisitive number cruncher.

Meet John and Craig

Clients are ensured world-class engineering solutions from the Bennett Engineering duo whose belief is centred around effective collaboration will delivery collective success.

The combination of skills, experience, aptitude, determination, willingness, communication and passion from John and Craig enables them to transfer their passion for the best solution by keeping it simple to give you the result you need.







Why work with Bennett Engineering?

Many of us have niggles in our workplace, some of us have larger projects where perhaps finding the best solutions always feels out of reach.

That’s when it’s time to talk.

Our team offer a pair of fresh listening ears and new set of eyes combined with an approach to finding a practical simple solution for you.

Our conversations ensure you’re guaranteed a solution that’s exactly tailored to your business setting and people’s requirements.

To get the best outcome for your organisation whether it’s ROI, improvements to output, reviewing the way of working or efficient use of resources the Bennett way is all about fully understanding YOUR unique challenges.

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