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Are your costs constantly spiralling when you manufacture?

If your answer is yes there’s a solution.

There’s so much to consider when designing for manufacture that, if everything is not taken into account, it can quickly become a project that exceeds the budget initially planned.

How often are the challenges like assembly, lifting, machining, fabrication, installation or even painting considerations are missed as part of the engineering design process?

If your answer is way too often then partner up with an engineering team who prioritise every element and utilise processes to ensure every part of the project is considered in full.

Accurate and reliable BOMs and design drawings

Clear and easy to understand CAD models and drawings

Assembly and manufacturing requirements considered

Optimised materials and standard parts

From modernising your existing system or designing a new idea The Bennett Way is always looking at ways to improve quality of the design to make it quicker, cheaper and easier for your benefit.

Accurate and easy to understand manufacturing drawings will eliminate errors and enable you to control costs. Provision of accurate bill of materials (BOMs) so everything is traceable and no parts are missed on the ordering.

Put simply our design for manufacture service provides a simplification of design to reduce errors during manufacture. With a collaborative approach for the best possible outcome and ensuring costs and materials are not wasted and your productivity is fully optimised.

To keep on top of your costs call us on 01509 363 060 for well thought out designs and accurate manufacturing details.

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