Operations & Design Manager

About Craig

Craig joined Bennett Engineering Design in 2012, having previously worked as a Design Engineer for an electric tug manufacturer. He brings a combination of practical and theoretical expertise to the design team with knowledge on new forms of manufacturing technologies, from laser profiling to the very latest in 3D printing.

He is responsible for the design and development of clients’ products from initial concept to final commissioning for many industries including automotive to materials processing and even interiors. As a result, Craig develops bespoke designs for many varied applications from manufacture through to final assembly. By overseeing all aspects of the design, his strong management skills ensure commercial success helping to save clients’ time and money.

From an early age Craig has always been intrigued as to how things work and how they are made, disassembling many items from motorbikes to computers and always discovering ways to improve them.

On a Personal Note

In his spare time he enjoys visiting Kit-Car events, computer shows and the occasional mountain bike ride in Scotland too. Craig also finds researching historical design and architectural engineering fascinating due to the accomplishments of such vivid engineered solutions despite the limited technology at the time.