Engineering to make life easier for medics

Are you looking for a way to make your medical activities within an operating theatre, surgery, or hospital more efficient when it comes to your medical equipment organisation and use?

Often your working environment has issues you’re used to but they would provide so much efficiency if you solved them.

Perhaps you have a task that’s made difficult by tricky to use equipment, maybe a stand wobbles constantly, perhaps attaching items to stands or equipment is too tricky or maybe the movement makes it all the more difficult to work effectively.

As engineer’s it’s possible to see options in any scenario. When Kings College Hospital in London requested help for their gauges a simple design which would be easy to adjust, affix and clean was created. Using advanced additive manufacturing techniques the new generation of gauge holders were produced.

The next challenge came with blood pump training equipment; a large unwieldy device was in use. Our team quickly got to work on reducing the size, making sure it was easy to assemble, transport and robust enough for continuous use.

Taking something complex, understanding the intricacies and the environment where it is used has enabled Bennett Engineering to continue to support medical institutions around the world. It’s our problem-solving capabilities that enable us to take any challenge in any hospital or surgical environment and provide something that will make your working life much easier.

Our aim to help medical professionals stems from respect for their daily duties and our ability, from experience, to help make their working life easier.

Perfusionists has been a particular area of focus as products have been developed that support them in the operating theatre for a more effective workspace.

Accessories that are easy to operate, reliable when in use and simple to clean are what’s been developed by Bennett Engineering because of the issues bought to us from heart surgery.

Benefits are always in focus for our medical accessories. What an item needs to hold, where it will be used, what it will encounter during it’s use, the speed of changeover required, the high need for cleanliness. All of these elements are thoughtfully taken into account for every design or challenge you have.

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Medical Gauge Holders

Medical Gauge Holders

Cardioplegia Clamps

Cardioplegic Clamps

Bespoke Operating Trolley

Bespoke Operating Theatre Trolleys

Clamping Units

Clamping Units

Training Equipment

Training Equipment

Device Holders

Device Holders

With proven experience, over 15 years, in the medical field this gives you the peace of mind when you are looking for a solution in your medical environment. You can access our expertise, as needed, when a workplace situation arises, or operating equipment becomes a nuisance.

Where are our medical accessories used? From London to Australia by perfusionists and anaesthetists. Our gauge holders are durable, designed to be easy to use and long lasting.


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