Director of Bennett Engineering

About John

John has overseen the development of Bennett Engineering Design Solutions since he set it up in 1999 and its later incorporation in 2003. His expert and hands-on approach to design is a result of a long and varied career in engineering design. This ensures his team consistently adopts a practical, innovative and commercial approach to all design projects.

His natural curiosity and practical background enables him to conceive effective and simple design solutions for all sorts of engineering challenges. John’s strength lies in his ability to collaborate with new clients to first define what they want to achieve and then to find innovative solutions. He takes their ideas and turns them into a commercial reality.

John’s career began as a technical apprentice which provided exposure to a broad range of manufacturing techniques, before he quickly progressed in various roles until he became a Design and Value Engineer for a technical teaching equipment manufacturer. It was in this position he learned how theory and design can be combined into world class products.

He later joined a major building product manufacturer as a Project Engineer, but was quickly promoted to Works Engineer responsible for a team of 25 engineers, electricians and fitters to manage two factories and a quarry. This role took in everything about a project, from dealing with planning permission, to design, budget control, installation and commissioning.

He learned that continually fixing things was simply not enough, he wanted to make a difference by coming up with better ways to make or do things, so he established Bennett Engineering Design Solutions.

On a Personal Note

Outside of work, John’s passion is mountain biking, since joining a friendly group of like-minded bikers few years ago. He’s completed many challenges including the classic Coast to Coast bike ride in just 10 hours riding time, 16 total hours in 2014 – raising over £5000 for charity in the process. He also loves the challenge of building his own bike frames so he’s known within his bike group as the ‘fixer’!