Our Design

Our 4-Step Engineering Design Process


1. Define

2. Design


3. Deliver


4. Refine

Delivering you practical commercial and innovative engineering design for manufacture is at the very core of what we do. We have the expertise to deliver often very complex solutions within simple designs. This can only be achieved by working closely with you at each stage of our proven design process to ensure success.

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1. Define

On the right path to achieve success.

This is very important part of the project, investing time at this stage pays dividends later.

You will tell us your needs, requirements, what you want to achieve and when.

We then put all our expertise and knowledge into helping you define how we can achieve your goals.

We understand the importance of a good project definition and planning.

So we guarantee that we’ll put all our passion and experience into ensuring we are all on the right path to achieve success.


2. Design

Researching and generating concepts and designs.

With the project plan and specifications already defined, we’ll apply all our knowledge and expertise in doing what we are passionate about, turning your challenges into innovative and practical solutions.

We will research and generate concepts and preliminary designs through our “team design sessions”.

These concepts and ideas will be thoroughly evaluated and critiqued by the team identifying and developing improvements and the assessment of concepts versus cost and manufacturability.


3. Deliver

Finalising the detailed design.

This next stage is all down to us, with the design agreed and signed-off we’ll start finalising the detailed design such us fasteners, finishes, quality assurance and checking to bring everything together, ready for delivering it to you.

We know every project is different and so are its requirements, the final outputs could be anything from simple 3D models to complete components or fully installed machines.


4. Refine

Continuously develop and improve.

Promoting continuous development is one of our core values.

Project reviews are crucial as they help everyone understand what aspects of the project went well and if any improvements can be made to provide every client an even better service.

How it’s Done

We will meet with you and your team to understand your culture and identify the challenges. Then we will research and generate concepts and preliminary designs through our “team design sessions”. These concepts and ideas will be thoroughly evaluated and critiqued by the team identifying and developing improvements.

With the design agreed and signed off we’ll start finalising the detailed design such us fasteners, finishes and quality assurance. Once the project has been signed off, there will be internal reviews and meetings with you to ensure the highest level of quality is achieved and identify if there are any improvements that can be made in the future.

Our Clients Say

  • “I know that I can always rely on the team at Bennett Engineering to come up with innovative solutions for improving my range of products. They are easy and professional to work with and respond quickly no matter what the challenge.”

    Hatton Systems
  • "Very professional service with regular design reviews that ensured design was right first time."

    Phil Smith - LivaNova
  • "We have successfully used Bennett Engineering Design Solutions for all our mechanical design requirements. Bennett Engineering prepared the files we needed for a quick turnaround; CNC milling and 3D printing of the coil former. They even included the final product labels in the design stage which aided label manufacture and also enabled Bennett to produce 3D high resolution rendered product images for our marketing purposes. It has been a pleasure to work with the team."

    Nigel Atherton - Joulefusion
  • "Having used Bennett Engineering Design Solutions on a variety of projects of different sizes, they continue to impress me. I know that following an initial concept meeting, the project is fully understood and relevant drawings are produced of real quality. They really seek to meet all of the project requirements and give true innovative solutions as a result. A great resource with a high level of engineering ability driving it forward."

    Andrew Varley – OJS UK Ltd
  • "Bennett Engineering have been working on a series of prototypes for elevators that allow us to efficiently and accurately laser scan ceiling voids to produce accurate point cloud data. So far the initial versions have already saved us many hours on site which will lead to a very quick return on investment. John and his team are a pleasure to work with and I wish them all the best on future projects."

    James Pegg – SolidPoint
  • "The Bennett Engineering team are a pleasure to work with and I really enjoyed the 3D printing projects we did together."

    Iain Hill - Materialise
  • "We used Bennett Engineering to carry out utility design work for our flagship New Ibstock Factory production unit. We have found their staff to be safe, diligent, hardworking and punctual. Their work meets the high standards expected of a prestigious new project such as ours. We would not hesitate to recommend them for further work of this nature."

    Peter Mann & Christopher Deacon - Ibstock Brick
  • "Bennett Engineering’s design input has helped Deritend restore a series of very large sewage pumps for our client, a major water company. They provided a quick and efficient service which allowed Deritend to turn the work around with minimal disruption. I can recommend them to anyone needing a practical and professional service."

    Mike Smith – Regional Manager – The Deritend Group Ltd

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