Is your design electrifying?

Rapid CAD design completed for an electronics case fulfilling the client’s brief in full and before time!

A 3D printed Electronics Holder that is completely unique and bespoke designed for a client who needed design engineering expertise to create a brand new product idea.

Smoothing out the engineering challenges in a responsive and rapid way to go from initial design brief to having the product in our hands in a week.


Eliminating the need for a prototype

Rapid fulfilment of design and manufacture

Bespoke design

No tooling

It can be in the right hands!

Technical Details:

Creating this component using an additive manufacturing process (3D printed) facilitated the design and development of a bespoke item. The finished component was a fantastic looking and practical, printed using stereolithography and then painted to the requested colour.

What the client received:

A design for a new product which fulfilled all the criteria set completed in a speedy manner whilst fulfilling everything requested of this component. Ability to change the colours as needed, the design has evolved over time as market input has influenced the requirements of the product. The means of manufacture has enabled this product to be produced in a high quality format that is very quick to produce.