Creating a manageable demo unit

More compact and tidy removing ‘dangly bits’

Ability to have interchangeable pumps

Strong and durable material

Significant reduction in size

Easy to use for demonstrations

Neat organisation and easy to transport

In today’s medical environment training is key but it’s essential equipment can be safely and easily transported to the place where training needs to occur which might no longer be in a traditional training room.

For a client they had very specific challenges with a demonstration unit that’s used to show how aortic pumps are inserted and operated. This is essentially a device to demonstrate how the pump worked within a heart in mechanical format. This training aide supports clinicians to learn the concept with a working visual aide.

The original training unit was very large, not easily transportable, and difficult to use. By reducing the size from A2 to A4 (paper sizing for visual reference) has made it an important piece of training equipment that’s regularly used.

Pump Training

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