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Theatre Trolleys

A fit for purpose operating trolley

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Minimised footprint

Proper and secure storage

Compact, organised and safe

For those specialists, like Perfusionists, who use an equipment trolley in the operating theatre it can be difficult to find one that is fully functional with all that is needed to perform your job.

The engineering design behind the trolleys produced for clients has ensured everything has a place, the trolley is easy to disinfect, it is space saving and not unwieldy to use.

For a Kings College Hospital trolley the ergonomics of the workstation during operations like right eye level screens, ability to reach and retrieve equipment easily and everything having a specific storage space. Alongside safe mounting of 24 power sockets and improvements to organisation of pipes and cables on the trolley. All added up to the medical professionals using them being very pleased with their durable trolleys all of which are used 24/7 by perfusionists in the hospital.

Operating Theatre Trolley

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