Removing your difficulties for critical clamping

Quick and easy change over / removal with simple yet strong securing rings

360° rotation of the arm means the clamp is adjustable to any orientation required whilst in use

Easily sterilised and cleaned

Capable of affixing to a range of mast sizes as the securing rings are adaptable

When something is hard to work with our experience has highlighted it becomes a painful pressure point for practitioners.

This is exactly what had happened with the Cardioplegia Clamp which holds a critical piece of equipment during a heart bypass operation.

Issues that are seen from time to time during an operation mean it’s necessary to be able to change one of these units quickly and reliably. The original clamps did not facilitate this as they were difficult to use (not fit for purpose).

Bennett Engineering were asked to design something that was more practical and simpler to use.

Cardioplegia Clamp

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