Bennett Engineering in growth mode with new appointments announcement

Starting 2024 with a bang, Bennett Engineering Design Solutions Limited, which is in its 25th year of trading, is pleased to announce two new appointments.

New starter

Lewis Garrett joined in September 2023 as a trainee CAD technician; having completed a Physics degree at University of Leicester and a course on mechanical engineering Lewis had his eyes peeled for a suitable opportunity in the East Midlands. His expertise from having worked in an industrial setting and his fast-paced learning style have made him a great success within the team and for some projects already. Under Craig Harbron’s tutorage it’s clear Lewis will become a world-class mechanical design engineer over time, just as Craig has since he joined the company over 10 years ago. Lewis says “Before Bennett Engineering I had a few jobs related to manufacturing engineering, I am grateful for the skills I gained but I never felt like I was pushed to succeed or growing my skill set. After just 4 months at Bennett Engineering I feel like I have grown more that the years I spent in other jobs. With the team genuinely interested in seeing me develop the future is bright.”

New director

Seleena Creedon who has been with Bennett Engineering since April 2020 as an external marketing and business consultant has become a director of the company and will soon take a 40% shareholding. Again, her expertise from the world of manufacturing, her project management skills and ways of working have already helped the company over the last few years. As she steps into this new role she says “my love for the world of manufacturing and engineering is absolutely met at Bennett Engineering. The team are exceptionally talented, one of my favourite things is to see a CAD design, which is very complex, made. On a recent trip to a client’s base, it was fantastic to see something in full size after seeing it so much on my colleague’s computer screens. I am looking forward to growing the company and my professional skill set in my role as a director and it’s great to see our new appointment (Lewis) settling in and being ace.”

Words from our founder

John Bennett founded the company to offer project management and engineering services to manufacturers in the East Midlands. After over 25 years running the company , 50 years as an engineer, and a big birthday on the horizon this year he’s going to spend more time on his mountain bike and less time in the business during the working week. John says “I now feel very fortunate to be blessed with dyslexia. The special powers it brings were definitely NOT valued at school, but it has allowed me to have a successful whole life career as an engineer. Over the past 50 years I have had the privilege of working with many skilled and talented people who have happily shared their knowledge and helped me to a position where I have bought up a family living off ideas that pop out of my head. I would encourage anyone who has the ‘knack’ to become an engineer because they can experience the thrill of seeing the ideas become reality. As I have done here at Bennett Engineering. This new appointment announcement brings a new chapter for the business which is encouraging for me personally.”

World-class delivery

The range of services provided by Bennett Engineering will continue to be the same with some broadening from using the team’s skillset. Craig says “we will be focussing our efforts on providing Value Engineering, Machine Modernisation and providing outstanding CAD services to our client base. Continuous service delivery from Bennett Engineering is something we’re very proud of providing our clients.”

Unfortunately, Bennett Engineering can’t tell you all the amazing businesses and projects that we work on as we’re big on signing NDAs so that clients can have complete confidence in us. What we can say is that we dip our toes into any and every type of industry or sector from automotive to warehousing and have completed a range of projects that range in size from 20cm to 200m when manufactured, have taken 17 minutes to 1,600 hours to design and from 1 part to 7,500+ parts!

Bennett Engineering Design Solutions Limited is based in Loughborough, the team provide a range of outsourced mechanical design engineering services to a multitude of businesses across the country who work in a range of sectors. The team is comprised of John Bennett, Craig Harbron, Lewis Garrett and Seleena Creedon who have a range of skills from world-class CAD modelling to project management, concept designs to production of detailed manufacturing packs.

 If you’d like to work with a world-class solution provider then get in touch via phone 01509 363 060 or email

new appointments to Bennett Engineering team