What are your thoughts on factory automation?

One of the key trends highlighted is the ongoing automation that will continue to be deployed in manufacturing sites across the country. It is not a robot replacing people issue that needs consideration.

It’s how to improve your operations and facilitate your employees to upskill by using automation tools to free up time, make processes safer, give a higher quality product and make more profit.

In the era of quality counting you can implement automated tools to help; with less manual checking for quality and a reduction in errors the reported outcomes it makes sense to evaluation what you can deploy and where.

That’s where design engineers come in; bringing in the expertise onto your site as a fresh pair of eyes to truly understand where you have a quality issue or what process could be significantly improved with automation.

Manufacturers have always been innovative and 2020 has given us more reason than ever to move quickly on solving challenges that haven’t been seen before.

Moving quickly still needs to be done with consideration, with objectivity and an understanding that every improvement and investment MUST pay back. That’s where commercial awareness as a design engineer comes in.

With any designs completed on investments such as automation it’s good to get them validated, to ensure they are fit for purpose, to have an unbiased expert opinion on whether your design will fulfil your requirements. This is where Design Validation comes in.