Is your design fit for purpose?

Say yes with confidence every time.

How many times have you seen a design come close to failing?

Or a design that did not meet the project specification or business expectations?

Investing in Design Validation will protect your business, as human error happens, it is essential to prevent things from falling over.

Design Validation provides an understanding if your requirements for a process or product are met and if your design will perform in the operating conditions it will be based within. It’s a detailed check.

Peace of mind

Fit for purpose design

Insurance and assurance

Unbiased assessment

By undertaking Finite Element Analysis (FEA) it’s easier to spot any issues with a design and test a range of factors or conditions that need to be fully assessed.

Modelling the design fully enables FEA scenarios to be assessed, optimisation of the design to eliminate errors, improve assembly, remove over engineering or reduce materials.

Impartial expertise, error spotting, verification and compliance are the biggest differences between being a validator when supporting the designer.

Put simply Design Validation is the insurance you need to sleep easily at night.

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