Deploying tech faster than ever before

How has this year’s speedy move to the virtual arena impacted on your manufacturing business?

Last week the Bennett Engineering team settled down over lunch to hear from MAKE UK hosted by Rockwell Automation.

It was interesting listening to the varied speakers and highlighted to the team that Your Virtual Design Team is exactly the add on service for manufacturers right now.

When Stephen Pipson talked about the challenges around technology adoption this is where working with businesses who’ve worked through everything needed to operate efficiently and effectively today can help. Whether it’s a long-term replacement of a design team or a short term capacity addon that your business needs. Your Virtual Design Team can be deployed how you need it.

Whilst Bennett Engineering won’t replace face to face meetings to get to know people and being in an operating environment is a feast for design engineers eyes the productivity outcomes and working towards net zero are a real part of why Your Virtual Design Team is utilised by our clients.

Having an engineer at the end of the phone, Team’s chat, email or zoom call facilitates the innovation that all manufacturers have already combined with the need for more as ‘pivot’ and ‘new normal’ are words everyone adopts.

Bringing to market those ideas that have traditionally not flown in the UK is also something Your Virtual Design Team supports whether you are a large OEM or a SME manufacturing a niche product. With expertise to help you scale up and bring your idea successfully to market from a commercial and practical point of view is a skill set our team bring to your team.

And as Ruth Aoidh from McClaren said ‘Skills and expertise that exist in UK mean that emerging from our own little pockets to collaborate will drive the agenda forward.’ This rounds up perfectly how Your Virtual Design Team works for businesses across multiple sectors from large to small.

You can read more about bouncing back smarter by deploying technology from MAKE UK