Your Virtual
Design Team

Your Virtual Design Team Benefits:


Only pay for the professional design experts when you need them.


Flexible and efficient resource on demand.


Fresh pair of eyes with broad experience will compliment your team. 

The “Virtual Design Team” service is tailored to your individual needs – anything from concept design through to an entire project from finished product and beyond.

You get a team of experienced professional engineers who can be relied on to provide anything from accurate production data to representing you in front of clients.

There are many reasons why you may wish to approach us to work as “Your Virtual Design Team”:

your-design-product-design-tick-bennett-engineeringIs your design challenge outside your internal team’s area of expertise?

your-design-product-design-tick-bennett-engineeringIs your team already at full capacity?

your-design-product-design-tick-bennett-engineeringDo you simply need an independent, non-biased overview of your product or design?


We develop a strong, long-term relationship with clients and the success of a project is often dependent on how well we understand you and your design vision. This allows us to optimise the balance between cost, development time and quality: You will benefit from a tailored solution.

During the project, you will be kept up-to-date on progress through regular reports and dial-ins.

Rapid and Dedicated Response

We respond quickly and when necessary produce designs in just a couple of days or even in a few hours if required.


Need extra capacity to complete your project?

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Success Stories

A large design consultancy needed extra capacity for a 12 week period. We filled the gap, provided valuable ideas and represented the consultancy at client meetings.

Manufacturing Savings

An OEM we work for has halved the costs of manufacturing and assembly time saving over £12k per machine.

Saving time

Virtual meetings and screen sharing speed up the design and decision making processes and save valuable travelling time. Sharing files securely online streamlines your work flow, saves duplication of effort and eliminates multiple copies of the same file.


We worked with a maintenance team to design out a long-standing bottleneck. They have improved output by 4% with a payback of less than three months.

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