Working with Laurence Duncan, Action Coach

I seem to have an instinctive resistance to employing business consultants so when I first met Laurence at a networking event and I’m afraid that I pigeonholed him. One thing that Laurence said got me thinking “you guys are offering world class designs, but no one knows about you”.

Bennett Engineering started in 1999 and in that time, we have worked with incredible clients and built up strong relationships with them throughout the years. However, I will be the first to admit that one of our weaker areas to the business is our sales pipeline, mainly due to my dislike of “selling” and cold-calling.

Through many conversations with Laurence over the years and seeing first-hand how he works  there was no worry in my mind that he was the exact fit we needed to help grow.

As a business owner realised that if we could unlock enormous potential by applying the Action Coach system so have just started working with Laurence. We are coming off the back of some of the most successful months for the business and I am glad to have Laurence on board to help us continue this success.

I am absolutely certain that Bennett Engineering will dramatically grow and become an even better place to work.