Where does your magic happen?

The places where you can pull a solution out of a hat, or get people mesmerised with your tricks for moving a project on. Where are they?

Site visits.

When our engineers can see the processes in place. When they see an operation in full flow. When the manufacturing is in full flow. When people tell them what’s what.

It’s the seeing, hearing, touching, watching, talking, smelling, listening.

That’s what a site visit delivers to us as outsourced engineers.

When the team get out and about to visit a site, see a piece of equipment, or understand a project then things happen.

Whilst it’s not possible to guarantee an immediate solution, although there have been some amusing visits where John has said “just adjust that” and its job done, a solution will be found. It might be on the drive back to our office, some time in front of the whiteboard, when on a mountain bike in the hills or walking the dogs.

Talking to people who have problems (or challenges or issues, whatever it is you like to call them) and reaching a solution through a collaborative approach is The Bennetts Way.

When our people can talk to your people who are the ones who know what happens on a daily, even by the minute, basis for your processing lines solutions are often mutually reached. The experience of people coming together to find the best way to solve those challenges or niggles.

Spending time with operatives, maintenance teams, engineers, production directors always ensures everyone is heard and that’s a big part of the magic.


If our magical approach is what you need right now to make rabbits appear out of hats then give us a call on 01509 363060.