What’s your process?

The Bennett process is more than a snazzy flow diagram that’s up on the board. It guides every project that’s undertaken by team Bennett Engineering.

Having a process with clear steps provides clarity on what you can expect and when. For example, generating the project specification which includes the outcomes and deliverables (key) and critical items and features (also key) plus the Who (not the band!) enables everybody to be on the same page right at the beginning.

Now some of this process our clients won’t see in action, some is internal activity that ensures our delivery to you is world class every time. And sometimes some of the process is entirely irrelevant to a specific project. That’s OK, the team will know that once the quote is accepted and order received.

With this process you can expect all the right questions like ‘how and where will you manufacture and assemble it’ in the briefing stage through to ‘what’s been missed’ before the concept is signed off.


So where do we start?

Once you’ve accepted our quote that’s our sign for project kick off, our team will generate a project specification which will be internally reviewed (two heads are always better than one) before it’s then presented to you.

What can you expect to see in the project specification?
  • Technical specification summary
  • The project deliverables
  • Critical requirements
  • Milestones and deadlines
  • Costs, forecasts, and budgets
  • Responsibilities and roles

This provides the clarity for both partners and enables the sign off to happen with confidence.

The exciting stuff commences

Designing the solution, looking at the critical issues and producing a concept, idea generation and all the other stuff that floats our boat is all part of the design approach plan that Bennett Engineering will produce.

This concept stage is where basic models and our ideas are shared with you, these conversations can be completed virtually or on site. Whatever works best for the project and people involved. Having a reality check enables a gateway of ‘sign off’ to be walked through.

It could be that your project ends at this stage because you have an engineering team who can take that concept and move forward with it. Our process is designed to facilitate this or for us to move the project forward to the next stage together.

Providing the detail

Once the concept has been signed off the engineering team will complete an internal validation; all this means is that our checks and individual experience comes together collectively to check everything is on the right track.

With input from the previous phase and more brainstorming a detailed design will be created by our experienced design engineers. There will be optimisation reviews and checks ins, a lot of stages in the process are all intrinsically linked with the project. The next gateway is reviewing the detailed design at a sign off meeting. Any changes that are needed in this meeting will be incorporated and then delivered to the client.

Again, this could be the finish point of the project or it could be that you need us to move forward into the next phase which is the manufacturing drawings.


Assembling the drawings

It could be that you’d like us to finish the project by providing the manufacturing pack that you’ll need to get whatever it is that’s being worked on made.

Our manufacturing packs incorporate everything that you need to get your product, equipment, part or element made successfully.

What you can expect to receive is not a definitive list, it will be configured to what you need for your project. You could

  • Detail on all the part numbers
  • Properties including finishes and materials
  • Your mechanical drawings
  • Machined fabrication configurations
  • Assembly drawings
  • Yours BOMs (bill of materials)
  • Guide table
  • RFQ
  • Specifications
  • DFXs for all the profiles

We’ll hand everything over that you need to get your project finalised. Our team can also come on site for installations to ensure that everything goes smoothly, that’s not part of our process flow diagram for projects but it’s certainly part of our service.

The process enables us to see +95% of our designs being made and that things are right first time. World Class Solutions are The Bennett’s Way, our process guides the delivery of outstanding due to the good practice that’s part of our every day way of working.

If process is missing from your projects, there’s plenty to share from here so please feel free to call John or Craig on 01509 363 060.