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 For the last 20 years Bennett Engineering Design Solutions have been working with medical professionals at Kings College London to help solve the niggles in their working environment, whether that’s the ward or surgery.

One of the best collaborations, a medical accessory that is widely used in Kings College and now at institutions across the world, resulted in the production of our gauge holders.

In response to practitioners having to find a strap or use an ineffective clip these gauge holder accessories for the Tycos style pressure gauges in operating theatres were designed by our team.

They were developed with practitioners to optimise and simplify the way of working when it comes to cleaning and positioning. Something standard medical equipment suppliers were simply not willing to do. Eliminating the use of things like tie wraps to attach to the mast where snip tools and plastic waste a result. The securing rings can be immersed in the cleaning chemicals necessary for sterilisation. These gauge holders have become a favourite due to the ease of use and elimination of hard to use things to simply get them to stay in place.

“No matter how good the HLM you can’t beat aneroid gauges for speed of response. Gauge holder courtesy of Bennett Engineering.” Australian Blood Management

Perfusionists has been a particular area of focus as products have been developed that support them in the operating theatre for a more effective workspace.

Taking something complex, understanding the intricacies and the environment where it is used has enabled Bennett Engineering to continue to support medical institutions around the world. It’s our problem-solving capabilities that enable us to take any challenge in any hospital or surgical environment and provide something that will make your working life much easier.

Our aim to help medical professionals stems from respect for their daily duties and our ability, from experience, to help make their working life easier.

This has led us to launch our accessories to the country’s medical institutes because it’s been clear the positive impact that it’s had on the users of our accessories.

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John Bennett, our founder has a natural curiosity, a passion to deliver the very best, a drive to collaborate and love of problem solving the outcome will always be conception of simple design solutions for your engineering challenges. John founded Bennett Engineering Design Solutions Limited in 1999 because he wanted to make a difference to manufacturers by coming up with better ways to make or do things. He has a great sense of humour, a desire to help the next generation of engineers and obsession with mountain biking.

10 years ago, his business partner Craig Harbron joined, with a desire to understand how things work in full, ability to understand what the next step is, a full commercial awareness, comprehension of the numbers and interpretation of what they mean ensures he brings process, innovative and practical solutions for your design engineering challenges.

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