Pigs Might Fly

You’ve probably heard the news about the man who has received a genetically modified pigs heart transplant earlier this month.

Innovation in the medical industry is mind blowing. But at the same time those experts are using the skills acquired over years from practitioners which is equally as impressive.

‘For the medical team who carried out the transplant, it marks the culmination of years of research and could change lives around the world’ the BBC reported.

This seven-hour procedure has been well documented by the medical team in Baltimore for many reasons. It makes interesting reading.

An area that has been particularly interesting is the use of the equipment for ensuring Mr Bennett’s (the recipient not our own Mr B!) blood was retained to minimise the use of donor blood. Those perfusionists who are essential in cardiac operating theatres working as a part of the open-heart surgery team.

The things essential in the surgery for those perfusionists like the cardioplegia clamps, gauges (needing holders), pacing box holders, operating theatre instrument trolleys, and clamping on ‘blood buckets’ that are the heart and lung machines. These are all areas where Bennett Engineering have designed medical devices to help practitioners with more efficient solutions that make it easier to work in their environment.

Finding ways to improve operating theatres is something that’s essential to keep up with the innovations that happen as part of essential research. Just like genetically modified pig heart transplants.