Opening the doors


Are you one of the manufacturers opening their doors to the public today?

It’s National Manufacturing Day (7th July 2022).

This day has been designed to raise awareness of manufacturing and engineering in the UK. And that can only be a good thing.


Manufacturing has a range of diverse skills that are perhaps not easy to see from the outside. It’s only when people can get into a company, they are able to see what happens in the working day when machines are running, conveyor belts are moving, lifting equipment is lifting, silos are emptying (or filling) and robotics are doing their thing.

There’s a wide range of manufacturers opening their doors in the East Midlands and as engineers we’re very tempted to see if we can get to them all.

Because what’s done behind closed doors every single day is impressive. From people making simple widgets to complex processing. The skills, ingenuity, expertise, and experience that are needed in every single manufacturer is immense and unknown especially for those youngsters looking at choosing a career.

From experience our team have learnt so much from just an hour in the presence of an operations or maintenance team in their workplace seeing what happens.

So if you are a manufacturer suffering from a skills shortage our encouragement would be throw open your doors. People will love to see what you are doing.


On the other hand if you’d like to open your doors to our engineering team for a tour where value is added for YOU then give us a call on 01509 363 060.