Starting the year not as we’re meaning to go on

2021 hasn’t really kicked off in the way many of us in the manufacturing and engineering sector, well maybe widen that to the nation, expected. After adjusting processes, managing people, or perhaps pivoting the new year gave us all a sense of hope especially with news of amazing progress of a vaccine. Then came lockdown.

‘How has this impacted your business?’ or ‘Are you carrying on with that project?’ or ‘Is your assembly line still operational?’ are all questions that our team has asked over the last week. Empathy has been the name of our game.

Our team are still fully operational, we’ve been remote working for 20 years, and can support you virtually or onsite if you need design engineering support. It’s no change to business as usual for us. But we fully understand your business might not meet the government’s critical manufacturing guidance or furloughing all of your team is a good option to keep your cash flow healthy.

If anything our team are even more committed than ever to get going in 2021, to support our clients getting the best out of their investments.

The point will come where people use the work normal again. Whilst we’re all awaiting that point it could be the perfect time to solve an issue your production process sees regularly, to get that professional design support for a new product or process you’ve been shelving or to kick start a project that makes you match fit for being back to normal operating conditions.

Don’t hesitate in picking up the phone to us on 01509 363 060, conversations are always welcomed by the team and we’ll listen objectively and with your needs at the forefront of our mind.