When one becomes two

Seth was handed a set of broken water speakers and came up with the idea of making a giant water speaker that moved with the volume of the water.

As part of designing this speaker, where Seth wanted to replicate the logic circuit for the ‘brain’ chip, he grabbed some parts to help in his quest to go big without ruining the important bits (like the chip). It was important to think about the complexities at this earlier stage to make sure the circuit worked perfectly.

Seth set about designing his circuit enabling him to replicate the water motion and perhaps add some lights. As part of his online shopping spree he spotted a ‘build your own amplifier’ and some cheap speakers. These would enable him to push the boundaries for his larger project.

This challenge pushed Seth’s on the electronics side; designing the circuits, making some sketches and sketch adjustments meant the came to the point of testing out the speakers in the ‘prototype’ form (the cheap speakers with a new motor).

Everything worked with the circuit so Seth had a set of working speakers. What happened next was a trip to Tesco, he spotted a metal beer keg which the speakers would fit in perfectly. Seth wasn’t concerned with whether it would work, he had feedback the sound would be tinny, he just had an inkling of an idea. Back to the sketching he looked at how to for the speakers into the keg.

Cutting commenced, without worrying about mistakes as the keg was easily replaceable, and these speakers were inserted. This second project quickly became a talking point with Seth’s friends and quickly got the name ‘the party keg’.

Seth’s still mapping out the giant water speaker, with lights an water pulsing in time with the music volume. Some elements have been more challenging than expected but the smaller ‘broken’ water speakers are back working so at some point soon there’ll be a follow up blog to this one.