Are all pumps simple?

There are such a huge range of pumps available for a wide range of functions. This unit had a very specific need.

A demonstration unit required to show how aortic pumps are inserted and operated; essentially to show the pump worked within a heart in mechanical format for clinicians to easily see.


Flexible material for interchangeable pumps

3D printed in strong and durable material

Significant reduction in size

Easy to use for demonstrations

No, some are more intricate than others!

Technical Details:

This Pump Demonstration Unit is a representation of the ventricle and tricuspid valve within the human heart. Once in operation the pump takes the blood (water) from the ventricle and pumps it through the tricuspid valve, this water then falls into the reservoir feeding the ventricle again, making a closed circuit of flowing water. Essentially this unit shows the flow of blood via the pump.

Reducing the size of the unit (from around A2 to A4) has enabled it to be easily transported for training, adding in small but efficient things like hooks to wind the pump up so there’s no ‘dangly bits’ made it even more tidy and compact. It was also significantly reduced in weight whilst still retaining all of the functionality required in the demonstration unit.

What the client received:

The material chosen for the valve is a 3D printed flexible material (TPU), this could accommodate larger pumps so that these could be easily changed as required during demonstrations. Ensuring this unit is robust enough for regular use whilst effectively demonstrating the actual intricacies of the valves in the heart to be relevant for demonstration purposes.

The pump cables and instruments are nicely held in place on the back using simple fasteners, keeping the unit compact and tidy. The unit also incorporates a handle so it’s easy to carry around, an added bonus for demonstrators so they can easily transport for training.