Finding a Simple Solution

Sometimes people struggle to find a solution. Sometimes there are a range of solutions that will solve a challenge. Sometimes there are no processes in place to enable people to think about the possible solutions.

Approaching every situation to understand exactly what the challenge is comes naturally to our engineers. Getting a full picture of the processes or the site or the operating conditions without even covering the actual problem in hand gives the starting base.

Talking to people and asking lots of questions is the next stage; by asking the team members who use a piece of equipment that’s not performing, for example, will facilitate a better understanding.

The outcomes need to be fully understood as well; is optimisation of a process needed for cost saving the primary objective driving a design engineering project?

The next stage comes when all possible solutions have been generated. The Bennett Way is often working these through on the whiteboard once a site visit has been made and questions have been asked.

The selection of the best solution with a structured approach is what is presented back to our clients. And everything is presented with the information harvested from the most important source; the client.

Every solution developed and presented will be the one that gives the very best chance of success. And it won’t be over-engineered, it will be as simple as possible to solve the real challenge you were facing.