FEA Collaboration with TecQuipment

Over the last couple of months we have been trying to think of a very simple way to describe what we do as a business. “Your Virtual Design Team” is the answer. Find out about the benefits and features the team can offer.

We have developed in collaboration with TecQuipment a range of steel & 3D Printed testing specimens that will be tested to destruction in order to verify their performance against the predicted by our stress analysis software.

The steel samples have been designed based on some of the most common connections and situation we encounter within mechanical design (bolted plates, clevis/pin arrangements, etc…).

To expand our knowledge of 3D printed materials and how they behave with a different layer orientation, we designed and printed some specimen samples in the two materials we use the most Polyamide (PA) and Alumide. We will test them, evaluate the results and then input the data collected into our FEA software.