Do the ongoing projects in your organisation stall when the summer holidays come around?

Every year summer comes around and it’s long been considered as a ‘quiet period’. For some manufacturers this becomes a PERFECT time to get critical maintenance done or shut down to undertake preventative maintenance schedules.

But what about the projects?

It’s likely you’ve got a project plan and milestones with gateways all mapped out. If you can’t get your team together progressing can be a little tricky.

When you’ve planned the execution stage have you got an idea of what resource will be popping off to the beach over July and August?

The stakeholders needed to give the green light, the experts required to provide the insight, the team on the ground able to provide the information on practicalities and then the key project team members who work together to deliver those engineering projects. Are they there?

People make the difference to success or failure. It impacts on cost, quality, communications, procurement and risk if people aren’t able to work to meet the planned milestones.

So do you just avoid projects over the summer?

It all comes down to the resource management. If you have the ability to progress when people are out of office by ensuring they have done the scoping or planning or execution or specifying in a time frame that keeps the continuity flowing that helps.

Because every year summer holidays happen. And probably every year you have a major engineering project that needs to be fulfilled.

Any time Bennett Engineering kick off a project it’s important to understand the access to your experts and key members of teams. That way expectations can be managed and projects can be delivered on time and in full. Whatever the season!