Directorship Development Programme

Over the last few months Craig completed the Directorship Development Programme provided by the East Midlands Chamber. Since Craig started back in 2012 he has shown key interests in many areas of the design side of the business, improving design productivity and quality to benefit our clients. During the last few years he has been taking interest in other elements of the business and the training programme provide a very good opportunity to progress this further.
The result of the 6-day course has sparked fresh inspiration and motivation within the business and understanding our true vision and values. Our vision is “To be known for excellent & practical engineering design”. One of the many steps we need to take to achieve this, driving growth and building a team of highly skilled expert design engineers, is now underway. We are looking forward to the exciting times ahead and hope many clients can join us and benefit during our journey.

East Midlands Chamber have published an article from an interview with Craig about this. You can find it on page 54 in the Network Magazine.