Design Calculations & Verification

Calculations are at the heart of Engineering Design. They play an essential part in a design being ‘right first time’, assisting in the delivery of performance without excessive cost.

Calculations deliver certainty to project stakeholders that the design is suitable for the application. They are undeniable facts that stand up to scrutiny and quell design debates before they have even begun. They are the decisive argument in any product technical file.

Skilled Engineers are required to exercise their conceptual understanding, their judgement vital in the application of Engineering principles, and of the assumptions that need to be made. Determining appropriate safety factors for a given component and application is also critical, and all of this is essential in developing valid results.

We have recently worked with clients in producing calculations for beams and structures, fluid flow, thermal expansion and inertias.

If you need assistance with your calculations, we can support in not only delivering accurate results you can rely on, but also presenting them in a professional manner that will reinforce your product technical files. Call us today on 01509 363 060 to talk about how we can help you.

Written by Joseph Bull