Craig’s 6 Years

On the 28th of July 2012 I started working with John at Bennett Engineering. At first, I was excited, anxious and prepared for the challenges ahead, many of which I couldn’t have predicted at the time.

Now 6 years on, an unimaginable amount has happened. I have had the pleasure of being involved with delivering world class designs for products that have delivered in UK and throughout the world to places in Europe, USA, Brazil and recently Australia. Personally, this was something I hadn’t anticipated; however, it is very personally rewarding.

I have developed greatly as a Design Engineer and achieved Incorporated Engineer status sooner than expected, now progressing towards Chartered. Being highly valued at Bennett Engineering is not just uplifting but also has given me the inspiration and confidence to assist in driving the company forward into the future. Having the opportunity to undertake the Directorship Development Programme with the East Midlands Chamber provides me the initial insight for the exciting journey ahead.

Working with a team where we all adapt, learn and commit so quickly to changing situations while continuously supporting each other makes me feel honoured to be part of. I would therefore conclude I am thrilled from the opportunities and exposure I have encountered so far and Eager to find new and bigger challenges, and very ambitious and dedicated for the future success for Bennett Engineering.