How do you celebrate your team’s accomplishments?

When people perform it’s really important that it’s acknowledged, when people achieve something it’s important we celebrate. Having a people centric culture makes a business a great place to work. That’s something we see at our clients; when people are happy collaborations, idea generation and project completion results are fantastic.

The Bennett’s Way

John, the founder of Bennett Engineering Design Solutions Ltd highlights

“Spending time to invest in the future generations of engineers has always been of importance for me. It’s about passing on my experience, giving engineers an insight into the years of learning from my time in the field.
Giving them an opportunity to fully develop in the workplace and enabling all of the team to contribute to our client projects with really useful ideas that add value is fantastic for all of us.”

Team members are actively encouraged to take ownership of their work and to contribute to the company be that the strategic side or the day to day activities. Development opportunities are critical to the engineering team; relevant webinars, training courses or coaching are all things completed to make us the best design engineer partner for our clients.

Superb progress

Seth, our graduate engineer, after just 9 months with us is celebrating another qualification from the CAD software supplier we use; SolidWorks. He’s progressed so quickly; when we asked him why and it all centres around user experience. His previous CAD software experience had been a little “nightmareish” whereas SolidWorks is a system anyone can use; with or without CAD experience. This has driven him on to dive into the system functionality and get the certifications because he enjoys using it so much.

A 3D CAD model that Seth really enjoyed completing recently was where a client required a specific design for now which then needed to be scaled up as and when. This took some thinking time and design work that stretched Seth; in fact he said:

“This design pushed the limit of what I already knew and made me learn more about design scale up. I like projects where I don’t know a lot about the topic or even the industry; it enables me to further my understanding by researching, listening and learning.”

Client work at the top of the agenda

Seth outlines how the variety of client work gives him something different to complete every week. How a design process is kicked off is also something Seth hugely enjoys; he says:

“The Bennett collaborative design process is phenomenal; the great anticipation of when we get to start to map ideas. I really enjoy this approach as it really clearly gets to the best solution for our clients. I’ve seen that when I explain an idea to someone else they quickly pick out bits you’ve not seen or understood. This prevents problems arising compared to just 1 person doing all the designing. It helps that John might question materials, Craig might ask about the thickness. Their challenges and experience bought to the table is helpful for me personally. It’s like having Jiminy Cricket on my shoulder.”