Can we talk about KISS?

What’s the definition of complex?

‘Having many parts related to each other in ways that may be difficult to understand’ Cambridge Dictionary.

So what’s the definition of simple?

‘Easy to understand or do; not difficult’ Cambridge Dictionary.

If complexity is making a project difficult to get over the line. If processes are too complex for people to understand or follow. If tasks take too long to do or there are multiple ways to do them then stick with us.

It’s time to talk about keeping it simple (we’ll omit the final word and replace it with sausage!).

Taking complex situations, processes, tasks and projects and reviewing them to find the efficiencies is an important element of design engineering.


The more complex a process is the more room for errors. The multiple ways there are of doing a task the more likely things will go wrong. And that’s before we start talking about projects. Whenever your projects hit complexity costs will spiral and deadlines will be missed.

Whenever John or Craig visit a manufacturing or processing facility it’s quick to spot things that need to be simplified. And our approach is always to look for the effective way to do things or the best solution to the problem that’s simple.

By keeping it simple you can:

  • Progress a project effectively
  • Find cost savings
  • Make the task easier and more efficient
  • Reduce material usage
  • Design the RIGHT solution for the RIGHT challenge
  • Ensure things are working properly
  • Reduce mistakes or downtime occurring
  • Become proactive not reactive

Get things right first time