“Visualising Designs”

Communicating ideas can be challenging, you can have a clear image in your head but don’t have the tools or words to explain it.

As Design Engineers we face the challenge of explaining our designs and ideas every day and sometimes to people outside the industry from non-technical backgrounds. Certainly taking the step from line drawings to 3D CAD has helped because it allows us to work faster and create accurate designs quickly and reliable manufacturing drawings.

Now let’s take it another step forward, what if the client could also see exactly how the final product is going to look before it is made? What if they could explore different options, finishes and possibilities quickly at the design stage? Well that’s what you can get with 3D rendering.

So what is 3D rendering? It is defined as “the process of producing an image based on three-dimensional data stored within a computer”. This could be compared to taking a picture of a 3D model to make it look realistic. What a remarkable tool for sales proposals and help others to visualise your designs!

All of this also extend to 3D animations which are short motion videos that allow you to showcase the functionality of your product, highlight any part or component, demonstrate how it is assembled and help you explain processes.

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See our case studies to find out how our clients have benefited from our Visualising Design service and see examples of our rendering and animation capabilities.

Written by Irene Muniz.

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