“The Project Approach”

The current wisdom seems to be: “find a niche market and exploit it”. However, the downside of this approach is that if some new technology comes along to replace your niche, what then? At Bennett Engineering we take a slightly different view: because we have experience across a wide range of industries and have solved many engineering challenges, we are able to serve a wide customer base. The added benefit for us is that every project is different so no two days are the same.

So here are a few examples:

  • Aortic Pump Demonstration Unit: This portable demonstration unit uses a mixture of machined plastic and 3D printed parts. See the VIDEO and CASE STUDY.
  • Stairs for Lauda Fabrications: This set of stairs had to fit into an existing building which had many constraints which dictated the size, position and number of treads in each flight.
  • Pressure gauge holders: The pressure gauges are used in operating theatres where holders need to be easy to fit and adjust.  See the NEWS article.
  • Foundation Installation Animation: A Client needed an animation to demonstrate how their foundation system is installed.

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Written by: John Bennett

Pump Demo