“Social Media & Us”

I’ve never been very active on social media and I am far from an expert on it but I can see the value and potential it has. There is no need to say that using social media as a personal user is very different to a business one, though the basics are the same; connecting and communicating with people, which I found it to be an essential key point for every business.

Our presence on Social Media has only been on a year and we always had in mind that it will take time for it to grow and settle. We know it is an engagement and long term marketing tool aimed at the next generations.

So why did we decide to get ourselves into this? The world is changing, and communication between each other is too. Innovate, adapt and prepare for the future is essential for thriving the business.

Social media platforms give us the opportunity to engage and build a community of people with similar interests, stay in contact with customers and prospects in a very enjoyable and relaxed way. It will promote our presence online by increasing web traffic and showcasing our work, to reach a wider audience making it easier to connect with people who need our services.

We found the “big four” (Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ along with Youtube) are the most suitable for us. Having a different approach for each one and staying active is essential.

We are pleased every time we have a new follower or receive a comment about one of our posts, it is great finding out what people are interested in, from what we’ve done, and connecting with new people and businesses with similar interests.

Our aim with Social Media is to build a community online and connect with our customers and people in the industry.

I’d love to hear your thoughts about social media in businesses and if we are still not connected you can find us on…Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Youtube Links

Written by Irene Muniz.