ARR Gauge Corner Weld Restoration

“Running steel wheels on steel rails creates very arduous contact conditions that lead to wear of the two mating components. The rate of wear is further exacerbated in tramway networks that are characterised by very tight radius curves. Furthermore, tramway rails are embedded within the road surface which makes their replacement disruptive and costly. Consequently, in-situ restoration of tramway rails using weld deposition is highly desirable.

ARR Rail Solutions Limited have developed a bespoke unit to deliver a weld restoration process covered by a European patent. The unit incorporates several unique features that ensure consistency and integrity of the deposit on both standard and premium grade rails.

Bennett Engineering Design Solutions Ltd has successfully translated the Functional Design Specification of the unit into a design that has been taken forward to the manufacture of the first commercial unit.” 

Dr. Jay Jaiswal
Executive Director at ARR Rail Solutions Limited.