How do you approach planning for your business?

The Bennett Engineering management team are, without sounding too geeky, planning fans. It’s in our nature as engineers to ensure things are discussed, evaluated and then a strong plan is put together. Agility, adapting and problem solving are all things us engineers can also do to ensure the final objective is reached in the best way possible.

After a week of much needed time off and as the last quarter of our financial year approaches it was essential to schedule in planning time for the business. Dedicated time to work ON the business instead of in the business. That’s where our sales and marketing team came in. It’s essential to us as a small business that the sales and marketing strategy is nailed, so that all the best marketing tools are utilised and a strong plan for the next 90days is designed. This week that’s exactly what the team did with a set of post it notes, a can do attitude, an invigorated team, challenges and evaluation on what went well, what could’ve been better and what totally worked for the business. It’s not something that’s achieved in just an hour so dedicating a day and working together as a welded team has given us the focus needed for the tactics to use to fulfil our goals.

That’s how planning is approached by team Bennett Engineering. In a room, with open conversations, all ideas on the table and up for discussion, everyone’s input respected and listened to so that the very best plan can be developed and most importantly deployed. It’s how each client’s design engineering challenge is approached too.

Have you created the sales and marketing plan for the next quarter for your business yet?