A decade later

Today marks the 10th anniversary of Craig Harbron joining Bennett Engineering Design Solutions Limited.

He came to the business for an interview, it didn’t take long before John realised this was a design engineer he could work with. And so began a journey of building the business, learning new skills, working on interesting projects, acquiring new clients, learning how important numbers are for the business as well as in engineering and how valuable social time is.

Craig has a keen interest in making sure processes are in place and that standardisation is deployed to better use your time. It’s not about saving time it’s about being efficient and effective with that time. This might be making him sound geeky but he’s also a chatterbox and will talk to you about his desire to build a kit car if you let him (it’s a driving goal!).

Over the last decade Craig has worked on some very interesting projects, he has also serviced clients for most if not all of those 10 years who treat him as one of their team. He has certainly built up a huge knowledge bank on their products and projects which means he can ask the right questions and propose the best solutions each time.

He’s always willing to lend a hand “OK sure” is something you’ll often hear him say if you ask for help or need some of his time. He doesn’t say that without meaning it and will do his best to help you whether it’s engineering, IT (often where John needs a hand!) or anything else for that matter.

The journey has been a very interesting one and whilst there have been challenges there have always been solutions to those.

All John has to say is “thank you Craig”. Said with heartfelt meaning for a decade of great business and social time (remember the train trip back from London?).