Design Engineer

About Jordan

Jordan joined Bennett Engineering in 2019, having previously worked as a Design Engineer for both a concrete roof tile and storage heating unit manufacturers. This experience, coupled his degree in Product Design and Development Engineering, have allowed him to develop a broad range of skills to aid our design team, including professional qualifications in Solidworks, training and experience with FEA analysis, 3D scanning and idea generation and concept development in a collaborative environment.

Currently his responsibilities involve the development of concepts from initial idea generation to final design, making use of FEA analysis where required to optimize the design and material usage in order to provide the best solution while saving the client time and money.

Jordan’s career path has been dictated by his love of both design and creation, of seeing a problem or an idea taken and turned into a solution or product, making Bennett Engineering Design Solutions the perfect place to be.

On a Personal Note

Jordan likes to collect hobbies like they are going out of fashion, playing field hockey when the season is on, studying karate, playing D&D and even running and editing a podcast. These on top of his general “relaxing” hobbies like pc gaming, reading and cooking. He likes to constantly be active and doing something, preferring to keep his mind active to avoid boredom.